WirelessAs a manufacturer of wireless equipment, you understand that the configuration of radio spectrum and the rules for accessing that spectrum vary nationally.

You know that it may be necessary to consider using separate channel maps in each market, and that in Europe, equipment that uses spectrum that is not fully harmonised must display the alert mark as well as the CE mark.

CE mark with alert symbol

You know that whilst securing product approvals will allow you to place product on the market, your customers will not be able to take this equipment into service unless it satisfies local spectrum access requirements.  These requirements may include mandatory protocol features as well as restrictions on power and frequency.

In order to protect your brand image you may wish to consider a product test programme that goes beyond what is required for regulatory and industry certification alone.  Self interference and antenna performance are amongst the list of characteristics that may have a significant impact on real life performance, but which may not form part of the regulatory approvals regime.

In order to hit your market window and to avoid costly product re-design, it makes sense to capture regulatory design requirements together with other key product performance requirements as early as possible in the design cycle.

We can help you to develop regulatory compliance and product validation plans and we can help your engineers to capture key design requirements.  And by helping you to identify the risks that will require careful management, we can help you to protect your product launch date.

Whether you require consultancy or approvals project management, you will appreciate our tenacious focus on delivery and on hitting key milestones.  Our mission is simple: to help you to succeed.