Venture Capital Start-Ups

Venture capital start-upsAs a VC start-up, you will need to hit the market on time and to rapidly build a strong reputation for quality.  In this context, regulatory compliance and product testing are essential components for success and will be a strategic priority.

For innovative, potentially disruptive products, the normal risks associated with achieving regulatory compliance can be amplified by the requirement to deal with regulations and standards that were never designed for such products.

We can add significant value here by helping you to develop an approvals strategy that is consistent with the objectives of the regulator in your chosen market.  With our deep understanding of the regulatory space, of product engineering and of state of the art test methodologies, we will ensure that you hit the ground running when it comes to securing the approvals that you require.  And we will continue to support you as we engage with regulatory bodies, certification bodies and test laboratories to make your vision a reality.

Our understanding of software, hardware and radio design will enable us, together with your engineering team to coax early prototypes through development testing and to build on this success to develop robust products ready for the market.

You will appreciate our tenacious focus on delivery and on hitting key milestones.  Our mission is simple: to help you to succeed.