Consumer Electronics

Consumer ElectronicsAs a consumer electronics equipment manufacturer, you will be developing a high volume product for a competitive market where bill of materials and assembly costs must be tightly controlled.

For a product to be compelling, consideration must also be given to form, finish and materials but it is important to remember that these choices will place constraints on what options will be available to deal with any engineering issues that may arise during product certification.

In order to protect your brand image and to minimise customer returns, you may wish to consider a product test programme that goes beyond what is required for regulatory and industry certification alone.

In order to hit your market window and to avoid costly product re-designs, it makes sense to capture regulatory design requirements together with other key product performance requirements as early as possible in the design cycle.

We can help you to develop regulatory compliance and product validation plans and we can help your engineers to capture key design requirements.  And by helping you to identify the risks that will require careful management, we can help you to protect your product launch date.

Whether you require consultancy or approvals project management, you will appreciate our tenacious focus on delivery and on hitting key milestones. Our mission is simple: to help you to succeed.