Test Laboratories

Test LaboratoriesTest reports are the most fundamental way in which you can provide evidence that your product satisfies regulatory requirements.  But for a test report to carry any weight it must come from a reputable laboratory.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is responsible for accrediting test laboratories in the UK.  By selecting a test laboratory with UKAS accreditation you can be sure that you are selecting a test laboratory that is capable of generating technically valid results which are traceable to international standards.

Test laboratories tend to specialise in certain markets.  They do this in order to become a centre of excellence in their chosen field and to drive efficiency.  If you are developing product that crosses these boundaries, you may find that you need to split testing between two or more laboratories.

We can help you to select the most appropriate laboratories for your project, develop your test plan, prepare your product for test and provide support at the laboratory to ensure that testing is managed effectively.