Regulatory approvals for electrical and electronic products

Regulatory approvals for electrical and electronic productsYour requirement for regulatory approvals will depend on the nature of your product and on the laws and technical standards in your chosen market.  Regulatory requirements applicable to electrical and electronic products will generally embody the following minimum requirements:

Product safety

To protect equipment users from hazards such as cuts, toxic chemicals, electrocution and burns.

Electromagnetic compatibility

All electrical and electronic products produce unwanted radio emissions as an unintentional by-product of normal operation.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations place limits on the permissible level of this electromagnetic pollution in order to protect wireless communications devices from excessive levels of radio interference.

Within Europe, the electromagnetic compatibility requirement has been extended to require products to demonstrate an adequate level of immunity to various electromagnetic phenomena such as to strong radio signals and to electrostatic discharge.  The purpose of these immunity requirements is to ensure that products will continue to operate in accordance with reasonable user expectations when subjected to the electromagnetic phenomena that characterise the intended operational environment.

There will almost certainly be additional regulatory requirements that apply to your product.  These additional requirements could relate to product performance, fail-safe operation, user interface design, energy usage, the use of hazardous materials or to recycling for example.

We can help you to safely navigate the maze of regulations, standards, documentation and markings that may be required for your product.

We understand that the appropriate level of rigour will depend on the nature of your business, the positioning of your brand, the risks involved and cost.  Balancing these drivers is a job for your  executive management team, but we can support you by explaining the regulatory landscape and by highlighting key areas of technical risk.

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