FCC Approvals

FCCAll equipment destined for the United States of America and that might cause radio frequency interference is subject to the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

For certain classes of equipment, it is possible to have product tested at an authorised laboratory before signing a Declaration of Conformity and affixing an equipment label.  In many respects this is similar to the self-certification process that applies to many products within Europe.

For other products, including radio communications products, it is necessary to apply the certification route to demonstrate compliance.  Certification requires the submission of a technical file (including test reports from an authorised laboratory) either directly to the FCC or to a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB).  TCBs are authorised to grant approvals on behalf of the FCC.

Providing that approval is granted, the manufacturer may then display the FCC identification number on the product.  The FCC identification number comprises two parts.  The first part is the manufacturer's FCC grantee code.  This three digit alphanumeric code is issued by the FCC and will apply to any product produced by the manufacturer.  The second part of the FCC identification number is a unique equipment code that is determined by the manufacturer.  The manufacturer must ensure that each product (model number) has a unique equipment code.

A product which incorporates a wireless module that already has FCC approval, would normally display the module's FCC identification number.  Should a product contain more than one radio device, it may be necessary to display two or more FCC identification numbers, one for each radio device.

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