A-TickThe A-tick indicates compliance with the requirements for telecommunications equipment of Australia and New Zealand.  Equipment cannot be legally placed on the market or connected to a public telecommunications network unless the equipment carries the A-tick.

Mobile telephones, web pads and Machine to Machine (M2M) devices that contain embedded 2G and/or 3G cellular modems are all subject to A-tick approval.

It is not generally necessary to display the C-tick on equipment that already has A-tick approval, because C-tick requirements are a subset of A-tick requirements. Accessories for A-tick devices (such as chargers for example) will however require C-tick approval and must be marked accordingly.

Device manufacturers can significantly reduce the level of certification testing required by integrating a pre-qualified, A-tick compliant cellular modem. Such products will then be marked with both the C-tick and the A-tick, with the C-tick mark applying to the host product and the A-tick mark applying to the embedded modem.

The A-Tick is a protected symbol and permission must be sought from the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) or from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in New Zealand before use.  The ACMA and MBIE will only grant permission to use the A-tick compliance mark to manufacturers and importers, or to their authorised agents based in Australia and New Zealand respectively.  Manufacturers based outside Australia and New Zealand will therefore require an in-country partner.

If permission to use the A-tick is granted, the ACMA will issue the applicant with a supplier code prefixed by the letter ‘N’. Alternatively, the MBIE will issue the applicant with a supplier code prefixed by the letter ‘Z’.

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