Product Approvals

Product approvalsTake a look underneath your laptop and you will see a large number of approvals marks.  Some of these approvals will be required to satisfy regulatory requirements whilst others demonstrate compliance with industry certification schemes.

In order to decide which approvals your product requires, it is necessary to consider not only the markets that you wish to sell into, but also where your customers are likely to travel.

Other considerations include brand image, market position, the requirements of your resellers and for connected devices, the requirements of network operators.  Not to be underestimated for a technology start-up, is the credibility that third party certifications and solid documentation bring to your organisation.

We can help you to develop an effective approvals strategy that is consistent with your product marketing objectives.  Our understanding of software, hardware and radio design will enable us, together with your engineering team to coax early prototypes through development testing and to build on this success to develop robust products ready for the market.

We specialise in helping businesses to bring new, innovative products to market. If you would like to discuss how we can drive your project forward, please contact us.

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