Growth in global mobile data traffic

06 February 2013

According to Cisco's Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, global mobile data traffic increased by a factor of 1.7 during 2012. This compares to a factor of 2.3 during 2011.

Whilst only 0.9% of mobile connections during 2012 originated from 4G devices, 4G devices accounted for 12% of mobile data traffic. This compares to 0.2% of mobile connections and 6% of mobile data traffic during 2011.

Cisco forecasts an increase in the number of Machine to Machine (M2M) devices over the next five years and expects to see a migration from 2G technologies to 3G and 4G. The strongest growth in the number of M2M devices is expected to come from the healthcare and automotive sectors and it is predicted that many of these new devices will have an IPv6 capability.

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