The IEEE publishes Local Area Network (LAN) standard for the 60 GHz band

28 December 2012

IEEE 802.11ad is a Local Area Network (LAN) standard for the 60 GHz band. IEEE 802.11ad supports very high data throughput of up to 7 Gbits per second.

The very high throughput and low latency will enable exciting new applications such the wireless interconnection of personal computer components (displays, system unit and storage units) for example.

IEEE 802.11ad networks are likely to have a limited range of a few tens of meters, but this will enable many systems in close proximity to operate at full speed.

IEEE 802.11ad defines four, 2.16 GHz channels:

Channel 157.24 GHz to 59.40 GHz
Channel 259.40 GHz to 61.56 GHz
Channel 361.56 GHz to 63.72 GHz
Channel 463.72 GHz to 65.88 GHz

All four channels are available in the UK for equipment which satisfies ETSI EN 302 567 V1.1.1 (or V1.2.1). UK requirements also limit maximum transmitter power to 40 dBm e.i.r.p. with a maximum Power Spectral Density (PSD) of 13 dBm/MHz e.i.r.p.

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