European Commission proposal to align nine Directives with the New Legislative Framework

21 November 2011

The European Commission has announced a proposal to align the following Directives to the New Legislative Framework:

2009/105/ECSimple Pressure Vessels Directive
94/9/EC"ATEX" Directive (equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres)
2007/23/ECPyrotechnic Articles Directive
93/15/EECCivil Explosives Directive
2004/108/ECElectromagnetic Compatibility Directive
2006/95/ECLow Voltage Electrical Equipment Directive
2004/22/ECMeasuring Instruments Directive
2009/23/EECNon-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive
1995/16/ECLifts Directive

These changes are designed to reduce the number of non-compliant products that reach the market through improved traceability, clearer requirements on manufacturers, importers and distributors and by increasing the requirement for Member States to undertake market surveillance and enforcement activities.  For products that come within the scope of more than one CE marking directive, the alignment to the New Legislative Framework would also clarify the rules for CE marking.

For manufacturers and importers that already implement effective quality control systems that ensure compliance with all applicable European Directives, these changes, would have little impact.


On 17 October 2012 The European Commission announced a proposal to recast the R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC). You can find out more here.


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